logo033013_revTired of lugging portable chairs to your children’s games each week? The Chair-iot can make life much easier for you. It’s new and it will keep you organized when you venture off to any outdoor event. What’s great about the Chair-iot is that you can have everything already packed and in your trunk ready to go!

Just like a rolling suitcase has added value to your life, the Chair-iot makes going to parades, fireworks displays and outdoor concerts a breeze. It is a sleek weather resistant carrier with outside zippered pockets. Keep your cell phone safe and handy while rolling your chairs to the event. You only get so much playtime, let the Chair-iot be the solution to carrying your portable sports chairs. And, as an added bonus: You don’t have to put them back into the carrying case they came in.

Why carry it when you can have the Chair-iot?!