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1422514_813491855345542_2914383193448052080_nEstablished in 2014.

Co. 512 (pronounced 5-1-2) is a family owned sports apparel store born and bred in the state of Michigan, redefining performance apparel. Our unique selection of Mitchell & Ness, Adidas, and Made in Detroit, quality and service set us apart from the rest. The owners and driving force behind Co. 512, look to provide you with an experience you haven’t had in a sports shop before, their many years of experience has given them vast knowledge of sports apparel, creating an atmosphere where shoppers can come for specialized attention and direction. apparel creates an atmosphere where shoppers can come for specialized attention and direction. Their goal is to service and provide Adidas products for the individual consumer as well as the team participant, and their selection of upscale, reasonably priced merchandise for the athlete and the fan, ensures that you will find what you are looking for.

Your downtown Royal Oak destination for performance wear. We carry Adidas Sportswear, Mitchell & Ness, Made in Detroit for Men, Women and Youth 8-20.


The Perfect Gift for the Crafter or Vendor

The Chair-iot is the perfect holiday gift itemIf you’ve ever participated in arts and craft shows, or vendor shows, whether as an artist, vendor or guest, you’re familiar with just how much STUFF you can end up toting around the entire day.  If you’re looking for the perfect holiday gift item for the person on your list who constantly works, or frequents these events, consider The Chair-iot.

The Chair-iot is a convenient wheeled carrier, complete with zippable pockets and drink holders, and is the perfect solution to safely and securely store items of varying shape, size and weight.

  • Store documents and promotional material in the zipping pockets
  • Store small or large items in the main sleeve (designed to hold two foldable chairs)
  • Carry heavy items with ease thanks to rolling wheels and conveniently placed handles

The Chair-iot’s unique design will allow any craft or vendor show junkie to pull their load behind them easily all day long. It stores anything from gear used to present and set up, to items and documents purchased or transported to and from.  See it in action!

The Perfect Holiday Gift Idea for a Mom on the Go!

Soccer MomWhat’s the best holiday gift idea for a mom on the go? Well, how about something that makes her life easier?!?  For a soccer mom, or any mom on the go, lugging all the essentials back and forth from games and events can be a huge chore.

If you’re looking for the perfect holiday gift item for someone in your life who’s constantly dragging around things like folding camping chairs, blankets, umbrellas and other gear to their kids sporting events, or other fun family activities, The Chair-iot is the most unique and helfpul gift you can give!

So do you have a soccer, basketball or volleyball mom on your list this year? Make her life easier… Check out The Chair-iot!

We Support The Miracle League of Plymouth!

The Miracle League of Plymouth

The Miracle League of PlymouthFIELD LOCATION:
357 Theodore St., Plymouth, MI 48170
525 Farmer St., Plymouth MI 48170


4th Annual Athletes Adopting Families Event by Stephen Tulloch

Steven TullochLast week, The Chair-iot made an appearance at the 4th Annual Athletes Adopting Families Event at Tre Monti in Troy, Michigan.  The event was hosted by Stephen Tulloch and benefited the Stephen Tulloch Foundation and Angels of Hope.

Stephanie Saia, inventor of The Chair-iot, got in on the action and is pictured here with the Detroit Lion’s linebacker, and event host, Stephen Tulloch.

For more information about upcoming events and local Detroit organizations The Chair-iot is involved with, head to our events page, or contact us directly.

The Chair-iot featured in Plymouth-Canton Patch

Stephanie Saia Showcases The Chair-iotMake sure to check out the new article about Stephanie Saia and The Chair-iot featured in Plymouth-Canton Patch!

See the article to learn more about the epiphany that lead Stephanie to create the camp chair carrier that makes transporting portable folding chairs a breeze!

You can also view a featured photo gallery to see just how to pack, unpack and use The Chair-iot to carry folding camping chairs.

Expect the Unexpected!

07/08/04 17:31:14 SHANGHAI

Photo Credit: 2 dogs via Compfight

We are all so busy and often we get in our car to get from point A to point B. Many times we are on auto pilot and our mind drifts to our to-do list or some other random thought. We don’t expect to all of a sudden see a bicyclist in our lane at 9:00 on a rainy night. I am very thankful that I saw those two faint reflectors passing under the viaduct with no shoulder to allow extra room for safe passage.

A tearful relief that all lives remained intact brought to light that I/we need to be engaged with the road when driving and expect the unexpected.

The Pink Fund is making a difference…. you can too

October is breast cancer awareness month and The Chair-iot is happy to announce that we are partnering with The Pink Fund. The Pink Fund provides financial support to families who are fighting the fight against cancer and are in need of help due to the loss of a job. Among the many difficulties when treating cancer are the financial struggles that this disease brings upon families. The Pink Fund provides financial help for families so they can focus on getting well. Taking some of the stress away makes all the difference in a person’s journey in beating cancer. The Pink Fund is making that difference. Take a moment and check out their website at and provide any help you can to help ease the burden of so many. We can all help make a difference!

The Launch of Chair-iot, the product that makes life easier!

Don’t you just love the thrill of trying to stuff your portable chair back into that tiny sleeve? It’s the perfect challenge to start off the half-hunch, half-lean walk back to your car with your chair hanging from your shoulder. (The fireworks on the 4th just wouldn’t be the same without what seems like a 6-mile journey from your parking spot.) No, really, why are we still lugging around our accouterments of leisure?

Let your back in on the vacation with The Chair-iot™.

The Chair-iot™ is a newly patented product designed to wheel portable chairs without the need to put them back in the sleeve. The soft, weather-resistant body fully unzips to pack or unpack 2 collapsible chairs, blankets, snacks, etc., and is ready to roll on 2 smooth and sturdy rollerblade-type wheels. Two beverage holders keep water or adult beverage upright and at hand. Dedicated, zipping outer pockets are a better place for your keys and wallet than your shoe. (You really were never fooling anyone, anyway.) The Chair-iot™ has a large back pocket to organize your books, magazines, picnic supplies, toys and sunscreen better than any giant, bottomless tote. The Chair-iot™ takes the heavy lifting out of your trip to the game, parade, fireworks or concert, and everything stays stored and gathered for next time, making your breezy day easier from the start.

Imagine not having a rolling suitcase at the airport or a shopping cart at the grocery store… unheard of! You only get so much playtime; let The Chair-iot™ take the weight off your shoulders.

Stay tuned for a big announcement coming in October!

The Miracle League of Plymouth

The Miracle League of Plymouth“Every Child Deserves a Chance to Play Baseball.”  A simple statement, but one that has touched the lives of countless children and their families in southeastern Michigan.  This is the  vision of The Miracle League of Plymouth, an organization devoted to helping children with special needs play America’s favorite pastime, “regardless of their abilities.”

The Miracle League of Plymouth works to increase community support and awareness to not only help “every” child play baseball, but to create and maintain facilities, which are specially built to support the needs of the participants and their families.  The Bilkie Family Field is the home of The Miracle League of Plymouth, and it’s here that parents whom could have never dreamt they’d be able to, can watch their disabled children swing for the fences.

Visit The Miracle League of Plymouth’s official website to learn more, check out a schedule of events, donate to the cause, and much more.

You can also find the MLP on Facebook and Twitter.